Workshop Descriptions

Clay Sculpting

Create your own masterpiece! Have fun while sculpting and creating an object using air-dry clay. Learn or improve the skills to sculpt: understanding basic shapes, proportions, volume, dynamism, textures, light and shadows, perspective, balance, organic rhythm, and expressions. Dr. Iván Tirado-Cordero, International contemporary artist – Milford, CT

Have Fun, Play Tennis

Tennis is fun and develops both your mind and your body. The class is tailored for young students to learn the fundamentals and rules for this game that they can play for a lifetime! This class helps to develop hand-eye coordination through fun-filled innovative drills. Ryan Bean, Tennis Pro/Director Milford Indoor Tennis – Milford, CT

Happy Hula Hoops

Who doesn’t love a hula hoop? Join the YMCA’s most popular youth fitness class yet! Kids can work on coordination, muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness and how to work together as a team in this fun filled class. Hula Hoops are provided by the instructor. Lauren, Instructor Woodruff Family YMCA – Milford, CT

Cartoon Superheroes

Lean to draw your own Cartoon Superheroes from a professional cartoonist! You will also do a cool cartoon project that you can take home with you. So, if you like to laugh, and you enjoy drawing cartoons, especially Superheroes… then sign up now and join the fun. Because everybody is a superhero! Debi Hamuka-Falkenham “Super Cowtoonist” – Seymour, CT

Hive and the Honey Bee

A look at the life of the honeybee, what it does inside the hive, and the plants that they pollenate. Students will plant seeds for bee-friendly plants to take home with them for planting in the spring. Ralph Harrison, Beekeeper – Milford, CT

Basics of Drawing

Learning to observe and draw is a life-long skill that budding young artists can take with them anywhere. Using colored pencils and their imaginations, students learn how to draw basic shapes that can turn into animals and other fun objects. Teresina Berni, Youth Artist – Milford, CT

All the Worlds a Stage

Experience the excitement of acting. Drama based activities and skill building will help advance your childs ability to imagine new worlds, become incredible characters, and share fantastic stories. Tori Lawlor Woodruff Family YMCA - Milford, CT