CAG Affiliates

In an effort to extend proactive outreach to communities across Connecticut, the Connecticut Association for the Gifted is pleased to offer the CAG Affiliate program. 

PTAs/PTOs, school groups, parent groups, and independent organizations may become official affiliate CAG chapters bringing CAG’s statewide resources directly into your community.  Looking to focus local conversation around excellence in education?  CAG is here to help.  When your local organization becomes a CAG affiliate, your members get all of the following benefits: 

•    CAG membership for the entire group – No matter how large or how small your organization, every one of your members automatically gets a year’s membership in CAG.  No need for individuals to renew themselves on an annual basis.  Everyone renews at the same time each school year.  Plus, being part of an affiliate affords each person a CAG membership at a significant savings off of the individual CAG membership price.  Affiliate members still get all the full benefits of joining CAG, including our monthly CAG Advocate enewsletter and specially priced registration to all of our CAG events. 

•    Organization Showcase on the CAG Website – Your group can have its own webpage on the CAG website. CAG will post information, contacts, and photos about your organization and your programs on your unique CAG web page. Information can be updated periodically.

•    Annual visits from the CAG board – Wish someone could visit your school district every year to help promote gifted education?  Well now they can!  CAG affiliates get free yearly visits to their community or school district.  We want to come to your neighborhood to help in any way we can.  Want a presentation on gifted education for parents?  Need help organizing a parent advocacy committee?  Would you like to have an annual “gifted ed back to school night?”  Become a CAG affiliate, and we’ll help make it happen. 

Want to find out more information?  Contact us and become an official CAG Affiliate today.

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