Minds in Motion Westport 2017 Workshop Leaders, Sponsors And Exhibitors

Barefoot Books Tricia Brown www.barefootbooks.com/Tricia-Brown
Bruce Museum, Greenwich Corinne Flax www.brucemuseum.org
Pre-K teacher Stefanie Buchalter
Camp Invention Phaedra Taft www.campinvention.org
Center for Spiritual Growth and Personal Transformation Cathy French www.transformationcenterct.com
Citizen Invention Ching-fu Lan www.citizeninvention.com
CompuChild, Westport Komal Vora www.compuchild.com
CT Kids Play Chess Glenn Budzinski http://www.ctkidsplaychess.com/
Earthplace, Westport Becky Newman www.earthplace.org
Eli Whitney Museum, Hamden Sally Hill www.eliwhitney.org
FIRST Robotics Matthew Benjamin www.firstinspires.org
Fulfilling Potential Educational Consulting Kate Maupin www.katemaupin.com/consulting/
Maker Faire Mark Mathias http://westport.makerfaire.com/
Mary Ann Hall's Music for Children, Westport, Fairfield County, NYC Mary Ann and Bill Hall www.musicforchildren.net
Mathnasium, Fairfield, Darien, Greenwich David Lubner http://www.mathnasium.com/fairfield
Mystic Creative Products Larry Zaccaro zaccarolarry@gmail.com
Play-well TEKnologies Mary Kate Boyd www.play-well.org
Inventor/Entrepreneur Scott Rownin
Multi-media Artist Paula Scinto
Soundwaters Amy Arent www.soundwaters.org
Stepping Stones Museum, Norwalk Milen Bedon www.steppingstonesmuseum.org
Summer Institute for the Gifted Max-Lynn Pierre https://www.giftedstudy.org/
Fairfield University Professor Janet Striuli
Fairfield University Professor Laura McSweeney
UConn Matthew Worwood http://dadsforcreativity.com/
UConn Ron Beghetto www.ronaldbeghetto.com
Westport Arts Center Lillie Fortino www.westportsartcenter.org
Westport Library Jaina Shaw www.westportlibrary.org
Westport Science Coach Peter Alfano www.westport.k12.ct.us
Zaniac, Westport and NYC Flavia Naslausky www.zaniaclearning.com

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