CAG Creates Space for The Gifted to Explore

Goes beyond school based GT programs throughout CT

By Diana Blass | Westport, CT | Added on November 07, 2014 At 10:31 PM|

Three-to-five million students in the United States are classified as gifted, demonstrating advanced knowledge or creativity. Yet, many are left in the dark of their capabilities.

"Somehow we got to a place in this country in which we were teaching to the test," said Katie Augustyn, the President of the Connecticut Association for the Gifted.

Despite a law being on the books to identify gifted students, and if possible provide special education courses, many times that doesn't happen.
"The teachers don't get the training in their pre-service programs so a lot of the time these kids start to under-achieve," she said.
Katie Augustyn was awoken to theses issues while raising her son.

"A friend of mine whom I worked with met him at three years old and said have you had him tested and I said - no why would I do that?" she continued.
Her son ended up testing in the highly gifted range, and to learn more she joined the Connection Assocation for the Gifted.
Today she leads that organization and she's on a mission to share its benefits.

"We do have events called Mind in Motion and that's a day when everybody can come - it's just interest based. We are talking rocketry, robotics," she said.

"Anytime you have children attend a fun day of learning different things than they do at school is inherently a good thing," said Harold Kamins.

The organization remains affordable, just 15 dollars a year for members , largely because of its hard working volunteers.

One of those being Westport Resident Harold Kamins, whom the organization recently named as its 2014 friend of the gifted.

"He has done a lot of behind the scenes volunteer work. He put together a database and system for events where people can go register online. It's so user friendly and it used to be by mail," said Augustyn.

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