Canton MIM Enjoyed by Parents, Children

Dr. Joe Renzulli of UConn during his keynote talk

The April 26 Canton Minds In Motion featured Dr. Joseph Renzulli as the keynote speaker. Nearly one hundred fifty children participated in workshops ranging from art to cold-blooded creatures, to Lego robotics.





Ashleigh Liu creates a survival bracelet

Dr. Sally Reis and Dr. Joe Renzulli field questions

Face-to-face with a Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Checking out a toy cold-blooded creature

Close up with a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Touching the scales of a Brazilian Rainbow boa

How many CD's can a toothpick tower hold?

How many CD's can a toothpick tower hold?

Building a tower

Asking questions

Fun with Light

Experimenting with light

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