Trey Rawlins of New Haven Selected 2013-2014 CT Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Award Winner

WESTPORT, CT – CAG is proud to award the 2013-2014 Connecticut Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Award to James L. "Trey' Rawlins, III.  James is a student at Edgewood Magnet School in New Haven.  In third grade Trey authored the book When Mommy Had Cancer to give other children the courage to not be afraid. 

Trey describes how when he was four years old his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  As Trey explains, his mother "looked for a children's book to explain to me what we were about to go through.  She wanted me to know that our lives were going to be different.  She wanted me to understand that she would look different and that sometimes she would need to rest."  They could not find any books on the subject.  In third grade, Trey decided to write about his family's experience with cancer "to help other families.  My book When Mommy Had Cancer is a children's book about hope and courage:  hope for the moms to get better and courage for the children to not be afraid."

New Haven Free Public Library Stetson Branch Manager Diane Brownread their story in the New Haven Register and invited Trey to participate in a book talk at the library.  In her letter of recommendation, Brown writes "I cannot say enough about this young author; from his thoughtful and caring nature to his ability to engage his audience regarding such a sensitive topic.  Since his appearance Trey has inspired other children to share their stories."

CAG concurs.  We are privileged to have learned of Trey and had the opportunity to recognize the insight he shares with others. When Mommy Had Cancer is published by West Bow Press and available online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.                                                                               ###############

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The Connecticut Association for the Gifted participates in the National Association for Gifted Children's Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Award program.  This award recognizes distinguished achievement in academics, leadership, and/or the arts, in children grades 3 through 6. The award inspires children to achieve their fullest potential, highlights high-ability students, and draws attention to the educational needs of our nation's gifted and talented students.

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