Joan Glass

Joan Glass is coordinator of gifted programs for the Darien public schools. She earned a B.A. in History and Women's Studies, an M.A.T. from Smith College, and completed the UCONN educational leadership certification program. She has worked in the field of public education for fifteen years. Her professional experience includes acting as Director of Academically Talented Programs for the city of Norwalk. In that role she conducted program evaluation and professional development, and developed and adopted an alternative, equitable identification model that included portfolio review, classroom observation, critical thinking tasks and other performance based assessments.

Joan has advised central office administrators and principals who are preparing program evaluation and modification and has conducted professional development for whole school staffs and small groups of educators. She conducts seminars and forums to educate and empower parents of gifted children, and fosters partnerships between parents and schools throughout Connecticut. Her seminars have included topics such as socio-emotional needs, asynchronous development, twice-exceptionality, parent advocacy, sibling relationships, perfectionism, myths and misunderstandings related to giftedness, best teaching practices, and effective student identification and assessment models.

Joan is the proud parent of three children ages 3, 9 and 10 and has personal experience with parenting twice exceptional children. In 2009 Joan received the CAG Administrator of the year award.

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