Katie Augustyn, MA

Katie Augustyn Katie Augustyn has been a parent advocate for gifted children since her son entered kindergarten over 15 years ago. She educated herself regarding the needs of gifted children, started a local parent group, chaired a regional group, and then joined the CT Association for the Gifted, where she has served on the Board, as President for six years, and as Past President. She has also served on the Board of NAGC as the Parent Representative and Treasurer. Katie travels around the state working with parents, teachers, administrators, and others to help them meet the needs of gifted children – giving presentations, developing materials, serving on G/T committees, advising parents, and providing resources and support. She chaired the New England Conference on Gifted/Talented Education when Connecticut hosted it in 2004, and again in 2010. Katie has a BA in English from Tulane University, a MA in Organizational Leadership from the Graduate Institute, and has taken graduate courses in gifted education at UConn and attended numerous conferences and workshops on the topic. She is passionate about helping gifted children and their families.

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