Linda Peck M.Ed.

Linda Peck M.Ed., an interdisciplinary educator, Professional Developer, and University Faculty, is a forward thinker, designing and implementing programs that target mindfulness practices, in non-verbal communication, effective communication strategies, reframing situations to foster positive intuitive responses. Learning on our feet is a great way to discover new pathways for understanding and transform the way we access and apply knowledge. Linda's programs are transformative and engaging.

Linda Peck is an innovator, original thinker, speaker, lecturer, and professional developer for teachers, adminstrators and corporations. She a hybrid of education, experience, artistry, Asian practices, theatre, humanities, and literacy, presenting across the globe. With her eclectic background in mind/body research, experience teaching, training and performing, and extensive study of Chinese Culture and Tradition, Linda's programs foster unique connections across disciplines.

Linda's programs embody innovative learning techniques and a toolbox of movement connections which brings an eclectic mindset to the classroom. Making broad connections with science, art, and humanities, Linda's programs are vibrant and inventive and offer new paths to gaining unfamiliar information and knowledge and how to apply it, making the invisible visible.

For Teachers and Administrators, Linda's techniques challenge traditional educational assumptions about learning and bring a regenerative view of where we learn, how most creatively to access knowledge and how to use it for new discovery and invention. Education is not monolithic - it is elastic. When we teach our children to learn not in a square or a line but like a wave flexing, and stretching ideas, students like Steve Jobs appear.

Linda's programs foster unique pathways and new strategies for communicating effectively in the workplace for teachers and administrators. Participants have aha moments and walk away with new ideas and fresh eyes on how they themselves learn, present and spark learning. Linda's programs are metacognitive and integrate skills across education and corporate sphere. Her trainings encourage a place of inner technology and foster outer performance.

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