Monita Leavitt, PhD

Monita is an international consultant with a background of over 25 years as a gifted education specialist.  She has provided workshops and lectures on several topics, including: Best Practices for Gifted Kids;  Understanding Giftedness; Identification of Gifted Children; Differentiation;   Maximizing High Potential: What Schools and Parents Can Do; Gifted Children at Risk: Nurturing their Social and Emotional Development;    Increasing Motivation in High Ability (and all) Children; Multiple Intelligences, Myths and Gifted Education in the World Today;  Why the Human Element is Important for Online Teaching; What should Accomplished Teachers Know and Do to Advance Excellence in Student Learning and Achievement.  Dr. Leavitt is a member of ECHA (European Council of High Abilities) and the World Gifted Council.  Dr. Leavitt represented gifted education in the second edition of Exceptional Needs Standards NBPTS (National Board for Professional Teaching Standards) in 2010.

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