Rachel McAnallen, PhD

Rachel McAnallen

Known simply as Ms. Math to children across the country, Rachel McAnallen, PhD, has devoted her life to sharing the joy and beauty of mathematics with learners of all ages.  A professional educator for over 55 years, she travels the globe teaching her subject at every grade level. In addition to her experience in the classroom, Rachel has served as a department chair, a school board member, and a high school   administrator. She claims the latter position is responsible for the majority of her grey hairs. She has a passion for teaching, golf, and mathematical modular origami, though not always in that order.  A life-long learner, Rachel approaches the world   around her with a boundless curiosity and a playful sense of humor that is reflected   in her teaching style. She believes that mathematics is a language to be spoken, a music to be heard, an art to be seen, and a dance to be performed. Rachel loves to dance.

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