Ruth Sullo

Ruth Decko Sullo is a veteran teacher of mathematics, with 33 years in the classroom, and is a lifetime member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. She also teaches art and creativity. With her unique methods, she helps students become comfortable with math and motivated to learn.

This is a workshop just for secondary math educators. Leonardo saw himself as multi-talented, and so can we all. The secret is in keeping our brains flexible, and using skills from one area to enhance how our brain works in another area. Math teachers can teach students how to make their thinking patterns flexible in order to do well in math class.

• The five worst things to say to a math-anxious student

• The five secrets of mathematical thinking

• The connection between learning to draw and learning to do math

• How to get distractible students to focus and concentrate on math

• How to identify latent intellectual ability in students who might otherwise stay unidentified as academically talented

• The best way to help underachieving math students who excel in all their other subjects, so that math no longer keeps them off the honor roll!

Math is the most important area, beyond the ability to read, which determines the range of career choices a student can have. Math teachers therefore are key people in students' lives. This is a content-rich workshop for math teachers, presented by a math teacher, with immediately useful techniques for maximizing student performance.

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