Tamra Stambaugh, PhD

Tamra Stambaugh, PhD, is an assistant research professor in special education and executive director of Programs for Talented Youth at Vanderbilt University. Stambaugh conducts research primarily in gifted education with a focus on students of poverty and key curriculum and instructional interventions that support gifted learners.

She is the co-author/editor of several books including Comprehensive Curriculum for Gifted Learners (2007); Overlooked Gems: A National Perspective on Low-Income Promising Students (2007), Leading Change in Gifted Education (2009), the Jacob's Ladder Reading Comprehension Program Series (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012), and Practical Solutions for Under-represented Gifted Students: Effective curriculum (2012).

Stambaugh has written numerous articles and book chapters and frequently presents to school districts or at refereed research conferences. She serves on the publication committee for the National Association for Gifted Children and is a reviewer for several journals in the field. Prior to her appointment at Vanderbilt, she was director of grants and special projects at the College of William and Mary, Center for Gifted Education, where she received her PhD.

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