These all-volunteer committees support CAG behind the scenes. You can participate by attending meetings to share ideas, by volunteering your time to support committee projects, or by connecting committee members to people or businesses in your network. Subcommittees are flexibly formed as needed for specific needs.

Committees generally meet quarterly, with additional meetings scheduled as necessary, and report their activities at full board meetings.


Primary Contact:

Treasurer: Shawn Fields

The Finance Committee (FC) monitors revenues and expenditures, and is responsible for the filing of tax and organizational documents. In conjunction with the Board, the FC creates an annual budget. In conjunction with the Board and its committees, the FC creates and executes plans for cost savings and revenue generation.

Legislative Advocacy

Primary Contact:

VP: Bianka Kortlan

The Legislation and Advocacy Committee assists through advocacy in the development of legislation and public policies; educates and informs policy makers regarding policies and legislation affecting gifted students, advocates for the adoption of legislation and policies that promote gifted education, and collaborates with State Board of Education and State Department of Education in order to influence public, governmental, and institutional policies for the benefit of gifted and talented students, in compliance with restrictions set forth in the IRS Code, and to perform such other duties that the Board of Directors may assign.


Primary Contact:

1st VP: Lisa Sticca-Conrod

The Marketing Committee ensures that the public hears about all of the great things that CAG is doing via social media, email, and personal networking.


Primary Contact:

Secretary: Yvonne de St. Croix

The Programming Committee shall define, create, and monitor educational outreach and professional development opportunities to ensure that CAG’s stakeholders have the knowledge and skills they need to be effective and successful in their support of high-potential children.


Primary Contact:

President: Lorrie-Anne Monte

The Technology Committee evaluates and manages CAG's website, digital aspects of products and events, and connections to digital services affiliated with CAG, such as Renzulli Learning.